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Welcome to My Bundle of Joy

I started My Bundle of Joy with my husband after searching for a baby shower gift for a friend.


A baby being born into this world is very special and I wanted a gift that would match the occasion. Unable to find the right gift I decided to create something that was fit for the celebration, filled with everything my friend would need as a new mother and crafted with the care of a loving friend.

My friend loved the nappy pram and everyone who attended the baby shower all shared the same opinion: "You need to create these for other people". After the baby shower, I got to work on creating what is now My Bundle of Joy. 



I set out to create gifts made from essential baby items using quality products that can be personalised to make them extra special.


Our headline product and best seller is our range of nappy prams, packed to the brim with baby items, hand crafted to give you the most beautiful gift. We have extended the range to include a wide variety of nappy cakes with the same high-quality products as the nappy pram along with various personalised gifts and gift sets.

My Bundle of Joy is built on the premise the gifts should be creative, high quality and personal. That is why in addition to our online catalogue we can create any design of your choice. Order from our wide range of products or if you want something extra special please contact us, we will be more than happy to create your perfect gift.

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